Brazilian British Centre

Cultural agenda

The BBC also gathers several artistic manifestations. Its galleries hold temporary exhibitions which prioritizes contemporaneous Brazilian and British artists, who propose works inspired by the British Culture, through enrollment in the Cultura Inglesa Festival Edict.

The annual “Casa de Apoio da Granja Viana” charitable show brings selected artists and public to the galleries. The same happens with the Flower Show, an exhibition of flower arrangements which happens every year as well.

Besides the galleries, the Duke of York Auditorium is also another spotlight in the entertainment and cultural areas in the building, with its capacity for 160 people and excellent equipment for a 5m X 4m screen projection.

The event “Ópera Comentada” which shows DVD projections of contemporaneous Operas every Saturday at 3 p.m. is already part of the cultural routine of “paulistanos”.

A constant program of free music shows is offered on Saturday nights. The first Saturday of every month offers a “chorinho” show. The second Saturday brings a show of universal erudite music, the Saturday before last comes up with Brazilian erudite music, and the last one shows presentations of erudite choirs.

Several areas of the building have been used for book launch cocktails and vernissages. The 1st floor rooms hold the weekly rehearsals of the Cultura Inglesa Choir.

Brazilian British Centre